The first part of the fairy tale.

Tu Fui, Ego Eris is a line spoken in Silent Hill 3. It is written and spoken in Latin and translates into: "As you are, I was; as I am, so you shall also be". The line is spoken by Heather Mason, having read it in the fairy tale scattered in notes throughout Hilltop Center, to make the Glutton monster disappear. Prior to the words, the Glutton is impassable and cannot be harmed by Heather.

It may be noted that this phrase is also found transcribed on a plaque within the Capuchin crypts of Rome, Italy, in an ossuary that allows visitors to view the skeletons of deceased monks so as to reflect upon their own mortality.


Fairy tale, beginning

"Once upon a time, there was
a monster living at the gates
of a village.
It was a very scary and
a very bad monster.
It would catch people
and crunch them up with its big teeth.
The villagers were afraid of the
monster, and no one would dare
approach the gates.
Everyone was stuck inside
the village.
When the king heard about this,
he summoned his knights.
The knights eagerly rode out
to defeat the monster.
'Ha! Take that!'
Their swords slashed and their
spears flashed, but the monster
wouldn't die.
The monster tossed the knights
into its mouth one by one,
horses and all.
What was the king to do?
He fretted and fussed and paced the
floor, but could think of no solution.
Soon after, the village priestess came
to the castle. She was a very kind
and good person. The king asked
her to defeat the monster guarding
the gates."
  • Location: The first part of the fairy tale is found in front of the Glutton on the first floor of the Hilltop Center office building.

Fairy tale, continued


The second part of the fairy tale.

"The priestess accepted the king's
request and went to the village gates.
But when she saw the monster, she
tried to convince it with words
instead of killing it.
'Shut up, you! I'm going to eat
you up!'
The monster didn't listen to
a word the priestess said.
But she kept trying to convince
the monster to give up.
'It's wrong to eat people,
you know.'
The monster grew very angry at
this and attacked her, killing her
with a single mighty blow."</i>

Fairy tale, final part

Tui fui ego eris3

The third part of the fairy tale.

"The king and his people shed tears
at the death of the kind priestess.
God took pity upon them and,
granting their wishes, healed the
The priestess opened her eyes just
as she had done every morning of
her life. She went once more to the
monster's lair.
'Fool! You wish to die again?'
'No... this time it's your turn.'
The priestess had come to defeat
the monster once and for all.
As the priestess was very very
kind, she felt sad about this task.
But it had to be done.
'Swords and spears won't work.
Arrows and bullets will just bounce
off. You can't kill me',
the monster laughed.
But the priestess used neither
sword nor spear. She chanted
but a single spell.
Do you know what happened then?
The monster let out a huge cry
and then died and vanished!
Thus the villagers were able to use
their gates once more. Everyone
lavished their gratitude upon the
priestess, and they all lived
happily ever after."


It is possible that the fairy tale was written by Claudia Wolf herself as a young child, or it may have been one of Claudia's storybooks. Heather remembers borrowing it from a friend, which may be Claudia, as Heather has Alessa Gillespie's memories.

It is possible that the priestess in the fairy tale represents Claudia, who is the "high priestess" of the Order. The monster itself could represent Harry Mason, as Heather reads the fairy tale not long before she discovers her father has been murdered. (This would also explain why the monster never attempts to hurt Heather.) Claudia views Harry as a "monster" for stealing her childhood friend Alessa away from her, and this is evident when Claudia mockingly says Harry's name to Douglas Cartland ("That man, Harry Mason, stole her away and kept her hidden from us").

It is possible for the monster to reflect entrapment, in that the monster is barring people from being free. This may symbolize Claudia wishing to defeat the monster (possibly Harry) so that everyone can be free, attaining to her belief of a paradise that Harry is preventing.


The monster, Harry, having been indirectly killed by the priestess, Claudia, to bring happiness to other people.

The act of killing the monster in the fairy tale apparently "had to be done". This strongly relates to Claudia's feelings toward Harry, who she believes must be murdered to birth God, in turn, giving everyone (in the fairy tale, the village) happiness. If the fairy tale was written by Claudia, then it would also correspond to the priestess being a "very, very kind" person; Claudia does not see herself as evil or self-righteous, but believes she is doing good for the world by trying to resurrect the Order's god and bringing salvation and Paradise to the people.

The priestess also uses words to indirectly kill the monster; likewise, Claudia uses the Missionary to indirectly murder Harry. Heather has no choice but to remove the monster, as it blocks her way out of the Hilltop Center, thus she can be seen reiterating the role of the priestess.

The priestess' resurrection may also be a reference to Valtiel and the fact that he always resurrects Heather if she dies. If this were the case, Alessa/Heather can simply be considered the priestess and the Glutton as the beast. The priestess being Alessa/Heather is implied by the Book of Lost Memories, but isn't actually confirmed.[1]

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