Tuberculosis is a boss in Silent Hill: The Arcade. It is found guarding Emilie Anderson, but is later revealed not to be holding her hostage, but keeping her safe from the other creatures. Eric and Tina battle Tuberculosis on the roof of Brookhaven Hospital.


This creature has a dragon-like appearance. The massive creature twitches and thrashes around constantly, as if it were in pain. Its right "hand" is fused to a form of axe/pendulum blade, which is used for defensive and offensive maneuvers, while its left hand is a claw. Flaps of skin stretch from its torso to its bandaged triceps and act as small wings, which are predominantly used for gliding.


Various scenes show the creature take off with these small wings, though it is more likely due to its impressive jumping capabilities. On occasion, the creature can be seen hovering without the use of its wings, which could suggest it exhibits a form of telekinetic powers to keep itself aloft. Its face is elongated with a mouth full of huge fangs and the skin around its head is torn, revealing many black eyes and muscular tissue underneath. It also has a fleshy bulge on its chest which is seen as its "weak point" that the creature sometimes shields with its hand or axe.


Silent Hill The Arcade Scene 6

Silent Hill The Arcade Scene 6

Tuberculosis appears.

Tuberculosis is a potentially lethal, airborne, lung disease. As the monster was named directly after the disease itself it is likely that the symbolism lies in its potential strength to kill, combined with possible connections of being an airborne monster. As an infection it is possible for Tuberculosis to spread from person to person, and as the monster is seen atop Brookhaven Hospital it is likely that it bares connections with illnesses in general, or the liability of having numerous patients confined in a small space, allowing diseases to spread and evolve.

The monster covers a weak spot on its chest, which takes the form of a fleshy bulge. Easily mistaken for a heart, this spot could be signs of the Tuberculosis disease itself. There have been cases where the disease has caused fluid or blood to build up in the lungs, causing the person to effectively drown, which has connections to Hanna's tragedy. The bandages surrounding its arms are shown to be connected to the skin of its wings; it could be suggested that this may symbolize a form of re-constructive surgery, and that its wings are not natural. It can also refer to Tuberculosis being an airborne disease.

Tuberculosis may also be based on fairy tale dragons that guard maidens or treasures. Evidence of this includes it rushing to Emilie's distress. Its axe resembles a typical executioner's axe, or even a pendulum blade; combined with the theme of the monster, it is possible that this blade has connections to an 'end-time', as pendulum blades are designed to slowly descent towards their victims, prolonging the torture, just like the disease itself.


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