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The Twin Victim, also known as Doublehead, are an enemy from Silent Hill 4: The Room, first encountered in the Water Prison. In addition to their game appearance, Twin Victims are also seen in the comic Dead/Alive.

A similar variant called Bottoms appear in South Ashfield Heights.


The creature appears to be a large set of sleeping conjoined twin infants wearing a tattered, dirty smock and what looks like a scarf, both of which bear a feathery texture. Along with pale skin, they have enormous, adult-like arms on which they stand. Their arms come out from underneath their smock, as if they are a pair of legs.


The twins will point at Henry Townshend and whisper "receiver of..."; however, they will not attack him unless he wanders too close to them or provokes them (i.e. shooting or attacking), in which case, they will lash out and strike at him with their long arms. Otherwise, they are relatively indifferent, even if looking at him directly.

After being disturbed, they will dart about the room, continuously harassing Henry and then running away until killed. They are capable of dealing heavy damage by hitting Henry or jumping on him. Their arms also have surprisingly long reach, and they can immediately turn around and swipe at Henry if he is behind them, making it hazardous to get too close. When they fall by being attacked, they start "sobbing" and writhing on the floor like young children during a tantrum. During this time, Henry should immediately stomp on them to finish them.


Henry fighting a Twin Victim.

To fight them, weapons such as the steel pipe, aluminum bat, and rusty axe work well. Be sure to strike quickly and continuously; if Henry stops attacking for a single moment, Twin Victims will take advantage of this and counterattack. With firearms, the pistol works fine, but the player should keep their distance. Richard's revolver takes one shot to knock a Twin Victim down, but the player shouldn't waste a revolver bullet unless they are close enough to deliver a finishing stomp.


The Twin Victims are manifestations of Walter Sullivan's seventh and eight victims, twins Billy and Miriam Locane, who were first mentioned in Silent Hill 2. They are the only two of Walter's victims that have been reincarnated into the form of a monster instead of ghosts.

Although this makes sense for the creatures' origin, it is unknown why there are so many of them. However, this can possibly be explained by a potential latter meaning. The Twin Victims are essentially conjoined twins, which occurs when a fertilized cell fails to split properly, rendering both beings becoming fused together. A main theme in the game is Walter's demented level of attachment and misunderstanding of his mother, and it is revealed throughout the gameplay of just how "attached" he is to her. The Twin Victims could also be a manifestation of this severe attachment.


  • In the main menu opening trailer, the Twin Victim sound much more like children, with a more distinct high-pitched cry.[1] However, in the game itself, this cry was replaced with deep, low grunts.
  • The Twin Victim is one of the few monsters that can speak in their monstrous forms, the others being Mary, Prisoners, Bottom, Leonard Wolf, Momma, Steel Guardian, Bloodied Bag, Monocle Man, Alessa, Lucas, Ben, and Karen. Note that the Sad Daddy could speak only in its human manifestation.
  • The Twin Victim was designed by Masaya Okada.[2]
  • The Twin Victim is Masahiro Ito's favourite Silent Hill monster.[3]



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