Not sure what the intention behind writing this is, but I think I want to have the plan written down somewhere in case it actually happens one day and to get feedback from the people who'd be most affected by this kind of decision.

The Scene

Fast forward to 2038 when Konami is finally forced to declare bankruptcy. They start selling off their IP to dig out of that hole because fucking what are they doing with any of it to begin with? Kojima gets Sony to help him buy back Metal Gear just to fuck with them, either Nintendo or Capcom or maybe even just Netflix straight up goes for Castlevania, etc.

So here I come, rockstar game developer with three successful games out of my production studio, Yoko Taroing in my identity-concealing mascot helmet, and decide to take Silent Hill because I don't like watching people beat sick animals and putting off work on a fourth game to spend A Lot of company money on this seems like a good decision from where I stand.

But Why?

I hate Konami.

How's This Work?

From my perspective, the worst thing Konami has ever done to this franchise is let each individual game die on the system it originally came out for. That kind of worked in their favor by making each Silent Hill game feel mysterious and old in a way that cultivated its popularity, but now it's just annoying and a baffling bad decision.

So we fix that. First item of business is to get people working on porting every game to whatever the newest consoles are at the time in digital format (and physical if that still exists). HD remaster it as best as possible, but there's going to be some issues with that, the least of which being that you can only polish something from 1999 originally on PS1 with already behind the times graphics to such an extent, but making the best of a bad situation is what we're here for.

It's also important to give each remaster the option to play in HD or classic mode, classic being just a straight port of the game with no enhancements whatsoever beyond some bug fixes and the like. Basically, it's just meant to replicate the actual experience of playing those games as they were released as closely as possible on new systems. Mostly for archival purposes, but it's also a nice kick in the dick to Konami who so adamantly hate preserving their past.

When Does It Happen?

The only part I'm not certain of would be a release schedule. It's well-documented how much of a failure the "Month of Madness" was because it oversatured the market (putting aside how shitty the HD Collection was to begin with), so we'd have to space things out. I figure maybe one game every two or three months, since I don't want to just flood the games out or force people into crunch (pretending I'm not doing most of the work restoring them solo just out of pure passion for this fucking franchise) but I also tend not to fuck around, so doing 8 years worth of releases would get tiring pretty quick.

Release order is simple enough, each game coming out as they were originally made. After Downpour, though, what I'd really want to do is a Book of Memories rerelease on non-portable consoles, since the fact no one owns a Vita is kind of what killed an otherwise serviceable dungeon crawler. After that would be, if at all possible, a console port of Arcade like everyone's been screaming about for years. Then, just for my own indulgence, probably a bundle of all the shitty mobile games like the Orphan series plus the Play Novel, assuming any of that information could be found for the sake of restoring it fully.

When that's all taken care of, we do what should have been done a long time ago and put P.T. back up for free along with the message that, no, Silent Hills is not currently planned in development, since getting everyone back together after Death Stranding and Death Stranding 2 already happened is both an impossible and pointless task and it's better to move forward with something entirely our own than try to ride the coattails of a game that will never live up to over two decades worth of hype.

I Want A New Game

After all that's taken care of, it's just figuring out what to do for an actual next entry in the series. Obviously, you offer guys like Ito and Yamaoka the chance to come back no matter what the actual game turns out to be, no pressure if they're done with it after all that Konami's done to hurt them. It's tempting to just turn my old (by then) fanfic into a game, but I wrote that from the perspective of prose fiction and don't know if it would make the jump to interactive narrative that well, but that's for another time.

Probably get people cracking on those anthology comics I always wanted to do, too.

This Sucks And I Hate You

I'm glad we're on the same page. I guess this technically counts as real person fanfic, too, so I'm going to go kill myself now.