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  • Hazardsfury

    Infobox Update

    January 28, 2019 by Hazardsfury

    Hi all,

    I mentioned in my recent announce that we now have 8 infobox templates that we can use to replace the old infoboxes on our pages. So I'd thought i'd give a more detailed update on this, specifically about pages left to update.

    Template:Infobox_Character - Character Infoboxes - Done

    You can use this to replace game, film and comic book character templates

    Use the following links to find pages that use the old templates (makes it easier to find what we need to replace)



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  • Hazardsfury

    Site Update

    October 7, 2018 by Hazardsfury

    Hello all!

    Just a thought I'd post a little site update for some of the changes this weekend:

    • New character infobox template and .css layout finished (well pretty much)
      • Character Infobox Template
      • More info on this can be found further below
    • New bureaucrat, admin and site moderator page widgets based off existing template. Please add them if you don't have one on your user page. I want to make some minor tweaks, but they are usable as is.
      • Bureaucrat Widget
      • Admin Widget
      • Site Moderator Widget
    • Some minor changes to the background, site colors and theme with help from Riley Heligo & Staurophobia
      • This is by no means finished! So apologies if some of the site looks a little odd during transition
    • Improved visibility on current administration/moderation team/…
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  • Hazardsfury

    State Of SH Wiki

    October 4, 2018 by Hazardsfury

    Hello everyone!

    It's been a while since I've logged in.. and looking through the list of available admins, a fair few have been inactive, myself included, for a fair amount of time! Not helped by the fact that Silent Hill has pretty much ground to a halt over the last few years (thanks Konami...)

    This place has a special place in my heart.... so I intend to be available over the next few months to help out with anything.

    First though... for those of you, new or old, who are still around... A couple of questions...

    • What other Admins are still regularly active? 
    • Who are our current frequent content updaters (you can list yourself ofc)?
    • Is anything broken on the wiki, that needs fixing which is outside your ability/wiki rights?

    Additionally if you a…

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  • Hazardsfury

    Morning, Afternoon, Evening... (That's another day gone)

    I think it's best just to show these two little articles first:

    • Article 1
    • Article 2

    Speculation, speculation, speculation. On article one there is only 144 words on non-speculative information and 529 words on speculation and theories. On article two there is only 145 words on non-speculative information and 431 words on speculation and theories.

    That's insane.

    These are two extremes of something that is present on this wiki, and from my opinion, I think we should get rid of once and for all..


    Don't get me wrong, I love speculating and theorizing about Silent Hill and it pretty much dominates my Silent Hill time, but I'm fed up of scrawling through pages and page of utter crap to…

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  • Hazardsfury

    Hi everybody as some of you know, Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been released so we need to start adding content to the Wiki. This blog will serve as a progress tracker of all the new content that we know of.

    Below is a list of all this content that has been added to Wiki, included content that needs more info or adding to the wiki.

    We have a couple of resources which may help you in adding/improving the Book of Memories content.

    • Video walkthrough [1]
    • Some screenshots uploaded courtesy of Bigsister [2]
    • Silent Hill Memories (website) archives [3]

    Now if any of you have the game it would be really awesome if you could add what you know to the Wiki.

    I'll keep updating this blog, as soon as new information comes in :)

    ~ Thanks

    Mr Hazard (talk) 12:53, O…

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