Silent Hill:Recall

This is a fan made project produced by myself and an awesome artist named Joash Britto.I came up with the idea of a proper Silent Hill story, after the initial cancellation of Silent Hill P.T.It seemed as though everyone had given up on the series after the announcement and pretty much left it at that, but that's where I came up with the idea of adding another entry into the series.Obviously saddened by the series sudden and abrupt end, things seemed bleak and hopeless.I thought that if I can create a written entry into the series for all of the community to enjoy, then what's the harm?This project is all about getting back to basics.It will include many details that the original games had, being combat, item management, environments, and much more.

The project is 100% funded by myself so there is no monetary gain.As an added bonus for the entire community, with Joash's assistance, I will be adding a manual to the finished story so you can get more of an idea of what things look like.There will be heavily detailed illustrations of the enemies and quite possibly, the main characters.In the long run, the manual will be like the one you would receive with an actual game.Just note that this project is also going to be very dark and will touch on some very sensitive topics. Each creature is a physical manifestation of the main characters past and present fears, plus their past traumatic events.So, each creature will designed and detailed to show the true delusions of the main character/characters.But bear in mind, nothing will be held back.

Ok.To avoid any more blibber blabber about what the story is going to be like and include, I will give the full plot below.

Steven Wilcox is your average white male.Not too tall, not too short, just right in the middle.His build is also in the middle. He is prime material.However, there have been tragic and traumatic events taken place in his life, completely altering who he grew up to be.After finally escaping his hometown in hopes of getting away from his abusive father, Steven starts a new life in New York City.Years pass and life has become quite successful for Steven, going as far being part of a major tech company.You could say that things have really gone up for him.That is of course, until the dreams start.At first they were nothing more than just dreams, eventually getting worse as they go along. So, Steven seeks out the help of a psychologist to manage them.

After a shocking revelation from the psychologist, Steven is now faced with the task of returning to his hometown in order to get closure.He hopes to return to Brahams, settle an old score with his father, say goodbyes to his friends, and hopefully put the hatchet in the dirt. But when given an ultimatum by his mother, Steven is now forced to journey to the cursed town of Silent Hill. Apparently two other people from town had gone there in order to find someone or something, never to be seen again. After learning that one of those two are his brother, Chris, Steven is forced to travel to hell and back just to free himself from his past. Not everything is as it seems, however. Because his nightmares feature prominently in Silent Hill, Steven's past is waiting for him there.

But what is waiting for him there and what happened in his past to cause such horrific nightmares? Nothing is off limits as Steven is forced to plunder through not only one part of Silent Hill, but two parts.He will encounter many fearsome creatures, fight through the madness of his past, and hopefully find his missing brother.All in hopes of finally freeing himself from whatever lays in his subconscious mind. The old town of, Silent Hill, is much bigger than first thought. Steven must endure both Southern Silent Hill, and Old Silent Hill, in order to find his brother.Whatever awaits him at the end of his goal will decide whether or not he is ready to move forward in life. May the different realities in Silent Hill, not be too harsh on Steven.