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The dead end on Vachss Rd.

Vachss Road or Vachss Rd. is one of the minor streets in South Vale, Silent Hill, and one of the first areas visited in Silent Hill 2. The road is accessed via Lindsey St. but stops at a dead end near Nathan Ave. After meeting Angela Orosco in the graveyard, James Sunderland enters South Vale proper through Sanders St. At the first intersection, however, he spots a trail of blood and the figure of a monster heading north. By following the trail, James eventually finds a dead end on Vachss Rd.

James's attention is drawn to the dead end by the static heard from an abandoned radio. Shortly after picking it up he is attacked by a creature hiding within the refuse. The first non-unlockable weapon, the wooden plank, is also found in the dead end. James finds the weapon among other construction materials and implements it immediately to fight the first monster of the game, the Lying Figure. After finishing off the monster the radio begins to emit more static, and within the static James is able to hear the voice of his late wife Mary calling him.


  • Vachss Rd. seems to have been named after crime-fiction author and attorney, Andrew Vachss. Most other street names in the franchise have also been named after authors and horror icons.


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