Victim 19 is the ghost form of Richard Braintree and he first appears on some kind of parking near entrance to the Building World from Spiral Staircase.

Richard's ghost haunts the Building World in the game. When he first appears, he is standing on a ledge and falls off from it.


Unlike other ghosts that can be encountered in the game, he does not float.

As a victim of an electric chair, Richard's skin is black and somewhat "fried", and his clothes are also burned and charred. As he walks, Richard keeps twitching and emitting static sounds, due to his electrocution. He moves erratically, even to the point where it seems he does a certain motion, such as swinging his crowbar, backwards.


Richard attacks with great celerity and is able to teleport and "phase" across medium distances, making him a dangerous enemy.

Richard wields a crowbar and attacks Henry aggressively. As he walks, he can swing his crowbar in slow motion and at a high speed.

If a Sword of Obedience isn't used on him, his ghost will appear in Apartment World in Room 207. It is recommended that a Sword of Obedience, possibly with a silver bullet, should be used on him.


  • Richard is the only ghost who can walk and teleport, aside from Walter Sullivan.
  • In ghost form, Richard may at times merely stand in one spot and twitch erratically.


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