This article is for the character from the Orphan series. For the character from Silent Hill 3, see Vincent Smith. For the character in the film, see Vincent Cooper.
You don't understand! I was only trying to help!
—Vincent to Lucas

Vincent is one of the characters in the mobile phone games Silent Hill: Orphan 2, and Silent Hill: Mobile 3. He is a detective and is the only character with a firearm.

Silent Hill: Orphan 2

Vincent hears a voice telling him that "It knows everything" and requests to meet in the hospital in Silent Hill or it "will tell." Upon getting to the hospital, he finds Karen dead in her office. He also gets two notes regarding a child being born and dying five years later. This is revealed to be his son, Lucas.

Vincent sees a face coming out of the wall which speaks to him. The face says that Karen told him that Vincent was to blame for his pain. The face attacks Vincent, but Vincent defeats it using his revolver. He then hears a voice asking him if he thought he could get away with this. After the battle with the monster, Vincent finds a key which he uses to open the door to a torture room. In the torture room, Vincent is moored by a shadow and loses awareness, initiating the events of Silent Hill: Mobile 3.

Silent Hill: Mobile 3

In Silent Hill: Mobile 3, Vincent wakes up in an abandoned mansion (later revealed to be the mansion where Karen spent her childhood). There are flashbacks to Vincent's childhood. His father, Gary, wanted him to be a firefighter. Gary believed that Vincent wasn't brave enough, and told him to stop crying.

During the game it is revealed that Vincent became a pyromaniac by the insistence of his father and extinguished many fires that he himself created as a firefighter. In one of the fires, Vincent ended up killing Karen's parents accidentally, so she set up a torture room in the hospital to get revenge on Vincent. It is also implied that Lucas was abandoned by Vincent at the Sheppard's Orphanage and killed in the massacre, so Lucas tries to kill Vincent as a monster.

During the game, Vincent is the evil part of Karen (now transformed into a monster) and is forced to kill her. Later, it's revealed that Alessa was only using him to kill Karen. Since she sees no further reason to keep him alive, she kills him.