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I hope you find him. I hope you live free and happy. It's more than I ever did.
—Vincent to Heather, before kissing her

Vincent Cooper, his true name possibly being Vincent Wolf, is a character in Silent Hill: Revelation. He is presumably the biological son of Claudia Wolf and grandson to Leonard Wolf since there is no mention of Claudia and Leonard being his adoptive mother and grandfather. His father is unknown.


Vincent was born and raised in the Otherworld of Silent Hill, West Virginia, and was heavily indoctrinated by the Order's beliefs. His mother sends him to track down Heather Mason, the manifestation of the good side of Alessa Gillespie's soul, as the cult hopes to force her to recombine with Dark Alessa, at which point they would then perform a ritual to impregnate her with their god.

All his life, Vincent was taught that Alessa was pure evil, and that she must be impregnated and destroyed so that the cult can finally be free of the Otherworld's wrath. Vincent was raised in the Otherworld, an alternate reality created and controlled by Alessa's dark side, who is still angry over being burned alive by the cult.

He states that he was born specifically so he would be the same age as Alessa's good side, so that the Order could perform a ritual to send him into the Real World to retrieve her. To do this, they forced him onto his knees and carved the Halo of the Sun into his chest and most of his abdomen.

Silent Hill: Revelation

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Vincent in the Otherworld motel.

Vincent begins taking classes at a high school located near Silent Hill, knowing that Heather Mason is also there. He attempts to befriend her, but she rebuffs him and walks away.

Despite his indoctrination, Vincent falls in love with Heather within a matter of hours, and begins to question the Order's motives. He warns Heather not to go to Silent Hill, but she ignores him, as she wants to find her kidnapped father. Heather's proximity to Alessa causes the motel the pair are staying in to shift to the Otherworld, and the monstrous version of Vincent's mother kidnaps him to punish him for sympathizing with Heather.

Vincent is taken to Brookhaven Asylum and is strapped to an operating table surrounded by nurses. Heather appears from underneath the table and asks where her father is, to which Vincent replies "In the sanctuary... I can take you there." Heather then tries to free him, causing the nurses surrounding them to attack.


Vincent kisses Heather.

The two escape, and Vincent leads Heather to Lakeside Amusement Park, where he kisses Heather. He distracts the Brethren, who are fanatical members of the Order, so that Heather can flee. He is subdued and taken to the sanctuary, where he is one of the few people left alive after Pyramid Head attacks the Order's priestess to protect Heather from her.

At the end of the film, Vincent and Heather leave town together, unaware that they are now suspects in a murder investigation. On the way out, they hitch a ride with Travis Grady.

Relation to the Gillespies

According to the canon of the first Silent Hill film, Christabella is the sister of Dahlia Gillespie, the mother of Alessa. In Revelation, Claudia Wolf states that Christabella was her sister.

This would mean that Claudia and Dahlia are also sisters and that Vincent is the cousin of Alessa/Heather, making their romantic relationship incestuous. Both he and Heather appear to be unaware of this. It is possible that Claudia felt ashamed of Alessa's "evil" and Dahlia's rejection of the cult, and so never told Vincent about his relation to the Gillespies. It is also possible that Revelation retconned the relationship between Dahlia and Christabella, since it is never brought up in the second film.


  • "Are you kidding me? I can't follow that!" (to a teacher in regards to Heather's speech)
  • "Not me. Look, my life's complicated enough. You should talk to my grandfather - it's all he ever thinks about. It drove him crazy... Batshit nuts. Back in my "sweet little" home town, old man Leonard drools in a padded cell. He'll tell you there's no such things as dreams, just endless realities all piled on top of each other. Some people see monsters. Other people just see... people."
  • "Yeah, she's, uh... she's kind of intimidating, my mother."
  • Heather: "I don't think I like my reality."
    Vincent: "Do you think anyone does? At least I'm real. Well, I think I am. And you? Yep, pretty real. Or just pretty."
  • "You're kind of funny, Heather. You're pretty fucked up, but I don't know... I think you're goofy-fun inside."
  • "Well, do you know where this Silent Hill is?"
  • "Never build on an ancient Indian burial ground - I thought everyone knew that."
  • "I think your dad's right. I don't think you should go to Silent Hill. You read his notebook, you need to run... Listen to me. The Order - they want you. I think that's why they took Harry. To make you come back... I understand. I just... I just don't want anything to happen to you."
  • "Because I'm a child of the Order! I was born and raised in Silent Hill. I was chosen to come into this world to make sure you return."
  • "It is possible for a few to escape, just for a while, but it requires... it requires sacrifice and.... and suffering."
  • "My whole life I've been taught - all the anyone of us were taught is that Alessa is the "great evil of the world". She traps us. She brings the darkness. And you... you are part of that evil. But I... I know that's not true. After seeing you, after spending this time with you I know you're not evil, I... if you're a part of Alessa, you... you're the innocent part."
  • "You created Alessa. The darkness is your evil reflected back at us. She's innocent."
  • "All I've ever known. My reality. Darkness should've faded by now. You're so close to Alessa, two halfs coming together again is changing the world."
  • "If he loves you, he wouldn't want you to be in any danger."
  • "Not really, we call them the Brethren - the most devout servants of the Order. See the masks? They won't breathe the air of the darkness - think it can corrupt them."
  • "Don't think she needs me for that."
  • "Amen to that."



"Vincent's dead. I hated him too, but it doesn't mean this makes me happy. Why couldn't I have stopped Claudia...?"

  • In the game, Heather hated Vincent. It is ironic that Revelation turned him into her love interest.
  • In early press releases, the official website and original script, Vincent is referred to as Vincent Carter. In the movie itself, however, Vincent's (possibly fake) surname is Cooper. This name change may have been due to the fact that there already is another character with a similar last name.
  • Director M.J. Bassett told Kit Harington not to look at Vincent's video game incarnation during development.
  • Vincent has a different last name than his mother and grandfather, though it is never explained why. This is likely because he used a false name, as to not draw suspicion from Heather and her father.
  • Vincent falls for Heather over the course of a mere few hours, and loses his original motives. This may be due to Vincent realizing that Heather is a good person (being the good part of Alessa), or him having a possible resentment of his mother and her evil cult.
  • Despite being raised in the Otherworld of Silent Hill, which likely lacks any sort of driver's education or functioning vehicles, Vincent is able to drive though it is never explained how.
  • During the bus ride, Vincent tells Heather, "Some people see monsters, other people just see people." This line is reminiscent of Vincent's quote from Silent Hill 3.


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