The Wall Corpse is a monster from Silent Hill: Downpour. The creature is possibly related to the Tormented Soul.


The Wall Corpse is a disemboweled human torso that appears female, since it lacks any male genitalia and has a female shape. However, it is not highly sexualized regardless, and thus its gender remains questionable. It has been dismembered of all four limbs and is impaled on a metal contraption with large spikes, which looks like the Halo of the Sun, a representative symbol of the Order

It screams in agony as it sprays blood from its lower body, which damages Murphy.


For the most part, Wall Corpses are environmental hazards. They do not need to be killed, but avoiding them is advised since these creatures spray a damage-dealing, blood-colored substance, tainted by what appears to be the occasional needle, alternating between a single spray and two quick sprays. To slip past a Wall Corpse without taking damage, move immediately after its rapid fire attack.

Toward the end of the game, a very similar enemy also known as a "Wheel Corpse" will roll in and out of cells to block Murphy's way. With their enhanced mobility and greater range, these creatures are much more dangerous. Shooting these enhanced Wall Corpses will assure that less or no damage is taken.


The Wall Corpse continues the theme of Downpour, that of helpless imprisonment, torture, and pain.

With the Wall Corpse being impaled in place, in a way it cannot help but attack, in the same way that Murphy initially doesn't feel he is to blame for the actions which have led to his imprisonment. Like him, it cannot escape its pain and imprisonment and is helpless to do anything but attack and lash out at anybody who comes too close, with the only end to its agony being death.

Due to its female frame, it may also symbolise that Murphy is aware of the pain his ex-wife has gone through due to the loss of their son and his own reckless hunt for revenge, while also feeling as if she is attacking him. Indeed, the cavity in its body that it sprays blood from is roughly where a woman's womb is housed, possibly symbolising his ex-wife's child being torn from her in the most painful way possible.

Later in the game, as Murphy gets closer to the revelation of his violent actions, the corpses become more mobile, possibly signifying that Murphy realizes he is choosing to attack others.


  • Inside of Overlook Penitentiary, there is a small hospital room with a dead, unchained Wall Corpse on the bed. This could be considered unique, since they are usually only seen in the Otherworld.


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