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Wish House, also called Hope House, is a secluded, Order-run orphanage in the woods outside of Silent Hill, although still located near Toluca Lake.


It was built by the "Silent Hill Smile Support Society" (sometimes called 4S), a charity organization for children who lack homes.

The orphanage was apparently run by Jimmy Stone and George Rosten. The orphanage was used to raise children in the teachings of the cult. It was here that Walter Sullivan was raised and exposed to the teachings that would spur his ritualistic murders.

The orphanage was secluded in the woods to keep citizens away, however, many neighbors near the woods complained of hearing children cry during the night. Children raised at the orphanage were told that the "world" outside was a "scary place" of sorts, and were heavily disciplined, even physically beaten, if they wandered too far away.

The orphanage is also associated with a nearby location, the Water Prison, a facility that was previously abandoned before being put back to use to punish the mischievous orphans. Andrew DeSalvo worked as a guard for the orphanage and prison.

After Jimmy and George were murdered by Walter, Wish House was defunct. At some point in time it was re-opened by Toby Archbolt, but about three years after Jimmy and George were murdered, Toby was murdered too. It is unknown if the orphanage was still brainwashing children by this point.

Silent Hill 3

The orphanage is a central subject of magazine article "Teaching Despair: 'Hope House'" encountered by Heather Mason in Brookhaven Hospital.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Henry Townshend comes across the orphanage when he is taken to the Forest World after entering the hole in his bathroom the second time. Before entering the building he meets Jasper Gein, who is eventually burned alive inside Wish House as Victim 17.

During Henry's second visit to the forest, the orphanage appears to have been burned to the ground from Jasper's murder. After completing the Burned Doll Puzzle, the orphanage is revealed to contain a secret underground altar underneath.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

The ruins of the orphanage are visited during a fight with Pyramid Head and Hummers. The sky is a hellish red, and the scenery alternates to a sepia tone.


  • In the orphanage, a memo can be found: "Have you found Alessa yet? How is Walter's progress coming along? Send me a report." The author of this memo is unknown. It can be speculated to be Claudia Wolf or Dahlia Gillespie (as Dahlia for some purposes influenced on Walter greatly saying that his mother asleep in Ashfield, and that he must read "Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments" to wake her.)
    • However, why Dahlia would ask if Alessa has been found does not make much sense because Alessa almost always seemed to be in Dahlia's care, except for the seven year period when part of Alessa was in Harry Mason's care and far away from Dahlia's hands. It is likely that the memo was written after the events of the first game when Harry and Cheryl/Alessa/Heather were on the run from the Order.
  • Sharon Blake visited the orphanage and a graveyard near the orphanage to find her husband and son but was drowned by Walter somewhere in the woods.
  • The walls of the holes that lead to the Forest World are carved with symbols that look a lot like Walter's writings on the stones.


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