Wonderland Burger is a fast food joint that appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It is located across the street from Midwich High School. It is possible to skip the location by hopping over a fence and going through an alley. Entering Wonderland Burger allows Harry Mason to access the Cat House/Honey Trap/Lotus by jumping across the gap between the buildings.

The restaurant sells charbroiled burgers and has an Alice in Wonderland theme. There are booths and tables, as well as a play area for children.

There are two echo messages and a memento to be found here. One echo is at the table with the food on it. Another is at an apron in the employee area of the store. On the side of the room opposite the apron, near the back exit door, there is a cabinet with a doll in it. If Harry goes upstairs, he can reach the roof and jump across to the roof of the Cat House/Honey Trap/Lotus.

The Wonderline

"Wonderland. Praise? Comments? Complaints? Interested in what goes into our food? Want to hear about our latest offers and promotions? Or just want to speak to Chesh the Cat? Call 555-6328, The Wonderline!"

The phone number is found on several signs on the wall. If Harry calls the number, he will get one of four messages from the Cheshire Cat, Alice, the Queen or the Mad Hatter, depending on his Psych Profile.

  • Cheshire Cat:

"Welcome to Wonderland. I'm the Cheshire Cat and I'm here to help route your call. Unfortunately, at this hour, there are no customer enrichment agents here to speak with you. Please call back tomorrow. Wonderland is committed to ethical business practices and has a commitment to using meat products sourced entirely from the United States. We are currently reviewing all of our recipes to ensure they are not only value optimized, but healthy too. Last year, Wonderland was voted 23rd most forward-thinking food service company by Business Press Magazine."

  • The Queen:

"Welcome to Wonderland! I am the Queen and I'm here to help route your call. At this late hour, there is no customer enrichment agent to speak with. Call back tomorrow, or it will be OFF with your head! Wonderland has many exciting school programs in your state. We offer excellent career advice and many locations are keen to sponsor local athletics and sports events. Speak to your local Wonderland franchise manager to find out more."

  • Alice:

"Welcome to Wonderland. I'm Alice, and I'm here to help route your call. Unfortunately it's past tea-time now, and there are no customer enrichment agents here to speak with. Please call back tomorrow and we will do our best to help! Many of our Wonderland locations have exciting restaurant opportunities for new team members. This is a fantastic opportunity to get in at the ground floor and gain valuable experience in customer care, food preparation and modern hygiene procedures."

  • The Mad Hatter:

"Welcome to Wonderland. I am the Hatter and I am here to help route your call. It being tea-time, we have no customer enrichment agents to speak with you. Hey, hands off that teacake! Time to change places... Wait, are you still there?"


  • Cheshire Cat's Kids Menu
  • Alice's Favorite $1.60
  • Pancake filled with Mushroom $1.35
  • Pancake filled with chocolate $1.43
  • Dessert of the Heart Queen $1.22
  • Joker Brownie $0.56
  • Honey Boney $0.80
  • Monaco $0.70
  • White Rabbit's Quick Solo Meals Menu
  • Rose Red Double Angus $4.55
  • White Rabbit Wonder Burger $3.23
  • Footman Fishburger $4.36
  • Mock turtle Chowder $3.92
  • Eat Me Cheesecake $1.32
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party Bucket Menu
  • Wonderburger $3.50
  • Wonderburger with Cheese $3.65
  • Mad Hatter Burger $3.62
  • Wonderfish Burger $3.75
  • Wonder Dish $4.55
  • Rabbit Crunch $4.36

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