The Wood Side Apartments is the first "level" of Silent Hill 2 and is located in South Vale on Katz Street.

After obtaining the Apartment Gate Key, James Sunderland will gain access to the Wood Side Apartments complex. The Wood Side has two entrances, west and east, and has a total of three floors.

Outside of the building is the garbage chute, which is closed.

First floor

The entrance to the west hall, this floor contains the main stairway to the other levels and the courtyard.


The courtyard houses the once beautiful Wood Side swimming pool: elevated higher than ground level, surrounded by fence, and full of plastic chairs and umbrellas. Now empty, the pool houses three Lying Figures and a baby stroller holding the snake coin. The pool is adjacent to several other apartments: 101-104.

Room 101

Eddie Dombrowski is first met in room 101, vomiting profusely in the nearby latrine. The toilet is conveniently sitting next to a corpse, stuffed into a refrigerator, with which Eddie denies involvement.

East first floor

Here there are three large apartments, 105-107, but none of them can be entered. At the entrance of 107 is a pack of canned juice.

Second floor

This floor houses the second floor apartments, whose numbers are in the 200s (201-212).

Laundry room

The public laundry room on the second floor holds a garbage chute that jammed when it was overfilled. Using the canned juice, James forces the trash out onto the garbage chute, where it bursts. The contents are strewn, revealing an old man coin and a newspaper article.

Room 202


James in Room 202.

Room 202, left of the west hall's second floor staircase entrance, is home to a large amount of bug cages. Inside the bedroom are a large mass of fluttering moths and the bodies of dead butterflies lying on the bed. Adjacent to the bed is a large hole oozing with an unknown, green slime. James obtains the clock key if he reaches inside it. There is also a faint red glow from an infrared lamp in the room, and inexplicably from the sink in the kitchen.

Room 205


James in Room 205.

Room 205 houses one of the most important tools in the game: the trusty flashlight. As soon as James enters the room, the light will shine on him from the device. The tool is found on a mannequin, who is dressed in Mary Shepherd-Sunderland's clothes. As soon as James grabs the device, a Mannequin, sleeping in the room, springs into life. This is the first Mannequin the player will see, as well as the third enemy encountered in-game.

This room also contains a memo upon completion of the game for the first time. It gives the player hints as to how to get a different ending the second time around.

Room 208

Room 208 is, at first, a seemingly decent room. In a side room, there is a large grandfather clock. When the player obtains the handgun in room 301 and returns, however, there will be a cry of pain and the player will have their first encounter with James's demonic tormentor, Pyramid Head, before re-entering the room. Once inside, there will be a corpse, seated in an armchair, seemingly bludgeoned to death on the snowed-out television in front of him. James will notice a key on the shelves behind the corpse, the room 202 key, where the clock key can be found. Using the flashlight, the player can now see scratches and mutilations on the wall and clock that contain hints of some kind. Opening the clock with its key, James will use the hints to solve a puzzle to gain access to room 209 and the 2nd floor stairway.

Fire escape

Fire Escape

The fire escape.

Apparently knocked down when the Blue Creek Apartments were built, the fire escape now serves as a way for James to enter the Blue Creek Apartments through an adjacent window.

Third floor

This floor houses the third floor apartments, whose numbers are in the 300s (301-309). James finds the fire escape key in a hallway where Laura kicked it on the other side of the barred fence.

Room 301

Entering the room, the player will notice the bullet-marked walls and the room's horrible state. In the middle of the room is an out-of-place shopping cart carrying the handgun, which is a satire of how easily guns can be purchased in American society.

Room 307

Immediately entering the room, James will encounter Pyramid Head, raping and sexually abusing two Mannequins. Frightened, James conceals himself in the nearby closet. Once Pyramid Head finishes, killing one of the Mannequins in the process, he begins to drag and beat the other mercilessly. Pyramid Head, feeling James's presence, starts to investigate the closet. James fires at the monster, who flees. Inside the closet James took solace in is the key to the courtyard.



Picture of cathedral in room 208 and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

  • Heavy breathing can be heard on the third floor of Wood Side Apartments, as if the building is alive.[1]
  • Outside room 102, an arrow and the words "To Hell!" are written apparently in blood, pointing towards the north.
  • While in the bathroom of room 210, there is a random chance of hearing a faucet being turned periodically, but without the sound of water to accompany it.[citation needed]
  • The green substance found in the hole in room 202 is strikingly similar to the green substance found in the drain in Brookhaven Hospital. These are the only two times a green substance such as that is seen in the series.


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First floor

Second floor

Third floor

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